Meet The Doctor

Harib Ezaldein, MD, FAAD, FACMS

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself to you. After scrolling through the sections below, you will understand what drives me and probably why so few hairs remain on my head.

I have a traditional medical education and surgical training with world-class mentors who lead our field of skin cancer surgery. These are the experts who taught me the importance of mutual trust and confidence in a doctor-patient relationship.

I specialize in a form of skin surgery called Mohs surgery, which I was fortunate to learn through a rigorous training and apprenticeship with internationally recognized and renowned surgeon, Richard G. Bennett, M.D.  From him, I learned to adopt a practice style that is overly cautious, never rushed, and always committed to attaining the best possible outcome for the patient. 

My training and background is focused on high risk skin cancers such as aggressive squamous cell carcinomas, melanomas, Merkel cell carcinomas and other rare skin tumors. My reconstructive surgery experiences allow for the treatment of skin cancers that grow on high risk sites, such as the nose, eyelids, ears, fingers, nails, genitalia, hands, among others. I also enjoy treating patients with complex conditions such as a history of organ transplants, immunosuppression from medical agents, or those who have complicated skin cancer histories. 

Other physicians and patients are my primary referrals, so I look forward to meeting and helping you. To my physician colleagues, I am humbled by your referrals and your trust.

Education and Training

Mohs Surgery and ReconstructionHarvardRichard G. Bennett, M.D.
Dermatologyjohns-hopkinsCase Western University
General and Plastic SurgerymghUniversity of Washington
M.D.upennYale School of Medicine
Melanoma Immunology FellowshipchHoward Hughes Medical Institute
B.S.chYale School of Engineering

Practice style

"A thing moderately good is not as good as it ought to be. Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice."

Avoids an “assembly line practice”

I learned to approach each patient as a new challenge, presenting a unique opportunity to improve someone’s life in a very substantial way.

Never underestimates skin cancer

My work is my fulfillment in life and means much more to me than just my profession. I am a perfectionist who was trained from the onset to “look under every rock”, checking and double-checking to ensure that skin cancer and disease are adequately and thoroughly removed. Taking time with each procedure is a defining characteristic of high-quality surgery, which always has the goal of complete cancer removal with undetectable and natural reconstructive results.

Understands Patients’ Desires

My goal is to minimize patient anxiety, discomfort and to simplify the healing process. Whether it is a high-risk skin tumor or not, the same thought process and artistic vision comes into play: building a very thorough surgical plan with the goal of complete skin cancer removal, followed by careful reconstruction that matches patient expectations with what their anatomy will allow me to do safely, predictably and naturally.

Before surgery, I meet with my patients to discuss every detail and anticipate every challenge. I have in-depth conversations about what the patient wants and carefully explains what can be achieved. It is sometimes essential that patients do their research and consult with more than surgeon before making a decision.

Unforgettable Mentors

“Dermatology provides the cake, while your teachers and clinical experiences add the icing,”


Dr. David Leffell, Professor, Yale Department of Dermatology

“Progress and Development can only be achieved from keeping an open mind.”

We met when I was 17-years old, having just left Florida for college. Dr. Leffell supported me through every challenge and triumph, during undergraduate years, medical school, and my medical training. Over the years, he cautioned me to avoid rigid thinking from rigid training and to always maintain intellectual flexibility. I learned from his valuable example to become the best clinician possible while maintaining perspective from areas beyond medicine.


Dr. Richard Edelson, Chairman, Yale Department of Dermatology

“Serendipity is a mental experiment and does not exist.”

I was fortunate to meet and work with Dr. Edelson during the formative years of my medical school education. He taught me the importance of remaining scientifically inquisitive, remaining on the fringe of accepted dogma, and the art of effective story-telling. We worked together on developing cell-based immunotherapies for melanoma and developed a fluorescent system to decipher if a patient is responding to treatment before even seeing it clinically.


Dr. Jeremy Bordeaux, Professor, Case Western Department of Dermatology

“Happiness = Results – Expectations”

Dr. Bordeaux mentored me throughout my residency training in Cleveland. An expert on high risk tumors and complex reconstruction, he taught me that surgeons should always remain humble, strive for intellectual growth, self-improvement, and a work-life-gym balance. He inspires me to always conduct research that answers clinically-meaningful questions.


Dr. Richard Bennett, Bennett Surgery Center and Research Institute

“The only two truths that matter are what you see under the microscope for yourself, and what the skin looks like a year after the surgery.”

The “oldest practicing Mohs surgeon in the world” was instrumental and influenced me during the most rigorous year of my life. His focus was to teach me a practice style that is alert, cautious, and continuously striving for perfection. Despite his status as the designated Mohs surgeon of the Hollywood stars, he possesses the most humble personality with a characteristic California coolness in his tone when he speaks . His confidence and surgical prowess from vast experience is unmistakably why he is the expert on high-risk skin tumors and complex Mohs surgery. I am deeply indebted to Dr. Bennett for constantly teaching me, even after my training, and becoming a very close friend.