Procedural Expertise

Scar Revision

Normalizing the appearance of scars from previous surgeries, burns, trauma or cosmetic injectable procedures.

This section deals with scars that have occurred from previous surgery or trauma. These scars differ widely on the body in terms of color, width, texture and firmness, raised or flat.

Sometimes a scar needs to be reoperated upon to improve its appearance, especially around vital structures.

First, it is important to realize that, despite the surgeon’s best efforts, it is impossible to erase a scar because all wounds and incisions result in scar formation.

By carefully removing the tightened scar tissue and readjusting the skin surface, this patient was able to improve the appearance of scar she obtained from a laceration.

The appearance and repair approach to any scar is largely determined by the location on the body and the nature of its cause. For instance, a scar over the knee where tissues are tight will always heal wide. A scar from a trauma or blunt force will always be worse than a clean surgical scar from a scalpel blade.

Treatment will also depend greatly on the age of your scar. Generally, surgeons wait to revise or consider alternative treatment modalities at least 6 to 9 months following initial reconstruction. At that time, the wound has rebuilt enough tensile strength to withstand the additional treatments. Remember, all scars can improve if given enough time. 

The contour of this gentleman’s scar improved on its own with scar massage and adequate time.

Dr. Ezaldein conducts consultations for :

  • Prevention and treatment of bad scarring that has already occurred
  • Excessive pigmentation
  • Revision of previous operations that were unsatisfactory
  • Treatment of accidental scars such as burns or lacerations that result in physical function issues

Dr. Ezaldein welcomes any patient seeking an initial evaluation or secondary opinion about skin cancer surgery, complex facial reconstruction, surgical treatment of hidradenitis and follicular conditions, scar revisions, or repigmentation procedures for vitiligo. You are welcome to contact us for a consultation.