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Hidradenitis and Follicular Disease Surgery

Eliminating diseased skin and preventing recurrences.

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic and debilitating inflammatory condition that frequently results in scarring, cysts, and painful drainage. It is typically seen in areas such as the armpits, groin, buttocks, or underneath the breasts, but also rarely occurs on the head and neck areas.

The pain and constant drainage affect quality of life, mental health, relationships, and career prospects of such patients. Patients are typically seen by multiple physicians until they obtain their diagnosis due to the low awareness of this skin condition, even among other medical specialties. Patients finally receive a correct diagnosis after an average of 7-9 years of physician visits, testing, or emergency department visits. Consequently, it becomes clear that obtaining high-quality medical and surgical care becomes an important part of preventing the progression of this condition.

This patient has a different follicular disorder, likely acquired from years of closely shaved hairstyles. Other follicular disorders such as this one can also progress and scar with delayed treatment.

Other follicular skin disorders exist that share similar characteristics and patterns of progression. Dr. Ezaldein trained with the most complicated follicular skin conditions in Los Angeles and has a boutique interest in hidradenitis suppurativa surgery. You can read a recent article he published about the national burden of this disease on our emergency departments.

Dr. Ezaldein welcomes any patient seeking an initial evaluation or secondary opinion about skin cancer surgery, complex facial reconstruction, surgical treatment of hidradenitis and follicular conditions, scar revisions, or repigmentation procedures for vitiligo. You are welcome to contact us for a consultation.